Philosophy & Programs

Ironbound Soccer Club offers a wide range of soccer programs for children of all ages and skill levels. Younger children start out in the small sided program that is designed to enhance each individual in a non-competitive environment where learning and fun are emphasized. ISC also offers a full program of recreational and select soccer programs.


ISC offers players between U4 and U13 the opportunity to play recreational soccer. The season includes scheduled practices and games along with tournament opportunities. All of our recreational teams are coached by parents/volunteers.

What We Intend To Do And Achieve:

How we intend to achieve the above goals:


The goal of the Developmental Program is to provide the best soccer development experience for our children so they can reach their maximum potential. To attain this objective, the program aims to instill an atmosphere of Enthusiasm and Appreciation for the sport of soccer, to promote good sportsmanship, and to develop the Technical, Tactical, Physical,and Psychological attributes necessary to be quality soccer players.


Develop deeper technical and some early tactical skills while enjoying higher levels of competition and having fun are the primary objectives. Ironbound SC also provides an introduction of the commitment required for travel soccer to both parents and players.

Age Groups/Gender

Ironbound SC is generally available to children ages U8 – U17 (the U stands for under an age as of 8/1 of a given year – Example: Your child would be considered U9 if they are eight years old as of 7/31). Teams are grouped into divisions based on age, gender and level of play.

Team Selection

Tryouts are held annually in May.


Typically there is a Fall season and a separate Spring season.


ISC coaches can be paid professional coaches or parents who have experience playing and a love for teaching the beautiful game. In either case, they must have coaching licenses.


Practices and/or training sessions are generally held twice per week with a focus on continuing to develop core soccer skills (dribbling, passing, trapping, shooting) along with other age appropriate tactics


Ironbound SC Objectives & Mission

The mission of the ISC is to develop great people and enhance the communities in which we operate through soccer. The vision of ISC is to prepare our young players to play soccer both technically and tactically, in a safe and constructive environment while participating at the highest level of national and international youth competition.

Ironbound SC also prepares players to be successful scholar-athletes in high school and college through education on healthy lifestyle choices as well as the college recruiting process. ISC is recognized as a community leader for player participation in club sponsored outreach programs; activities for helping at-risk youth; and as the sponsor of a nationally respected, annual soccer tournament, the Ironbound SC Spring Warm Up.

Ironbound SC Philosophy

Ironbound SC was established for the specific purpose of developing a competitive youth soccer program whose goals are to achieve state, regional, and national soccer championship titles, as well as developing players capable of receiving college scholarships based on their playing ability and academic achievement. However, realization of these goals must be accomplished within the proper framework by instilling character, self-esteem, confidence, and sportsmanship within the young athlete.

Achievement of these lofty and worthwhile objectives within the appropriate environment can only be reached through the mature behavior and the exemplary conduct of the coaches, parents, and officials of the Club. Their relationship with the players must be of the highest ethical and moral standards and be based upon just principles that ensure equitable treatment prevails in all circumstances.

An aggressive desire for victory combined with the procedural and graduated development of soccer skills through exceptional coaching and advanced training techniques is of paramount importance. Nevertheless, realization by all that soccer remains only a game is an inherent aspect of the philosophy of the Club that must always be recognized.

Ironbound SC and our coaching staff strive to attract players and parents with these common interests:


What ISC Expects of You

What You Can Expect as a Member of ISC